Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Bling

I haven't had the energy to take down Christmas yet thanks to what I think was the flu!  Just starting to feel alive again after a week of chills, fever, achy body, coughing, sleepless nights and lots of NyQuil.  So before Christmas of 2013 is put to bed, here are a few pictures!


  1. Hi Milinda! Sorry you haven't been feeling well, sounds pretty nasty. Hope you are doing better now. I am just now taking my Christmas down because I love to look at it so it's always hard for me to pack away, hehe.

    Your home is beautifully decorated!

    Have a delightful week~

    1. Thanks Angie! And you are so right I hate taking it all down too. I love how the tree lights at night just give that calm loving feeling. I could just sit and stare at them all night! Hope you had wonderful holidays and thanks so much for visiting!


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